Our Goal

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Research AI Methods That Pursue Artificial General Intelligence for the Next Generation of Developers.

Artificial General Intelligence

The Most Transformative Technology of Our Lifetime

Artificial Intelligence will be entering a new frontier going forward: Models that are intelligent in many domains, like humans. This paradigm is called "Artificial General Intelligence" or AGI for short. Currently, no one has found a method of AI that enables machines to be intelligent in many different domains. AGI has the potential to completely transform society for the better and will enable us to solve the world's biggest problems. We believe it's important to start researching methods that will lead towards AGI so it can be used for a prosperous society.

Outline of Mountains

Our Core Value

In The Hands of Many, Not a Few.

Artificial General Intelligence will not happen overnight, in a year or even many years. However, there will be research breakthroughs along the way that will be pivotal for developers. Unlike other companies, we believe that these breakthroughs should be available for as many people as possible. With this in mind, clevrML has a Public API (currently in Beta). This ensures that anyone can use our technologies while keeping potential bad actors away. When you use any of our APIs, you are supporting further AI research.

Highlights and Progress

*Updated 12.03.2021*


Active Memory Learning (AML)

AML is a new AI Method that requires no model training, as few a 3 examples and runs efficiently on a CPU (Building and Predictions). So far, one architecture has been useful for Image, Text and Numeric tasks without any modification or fine-tuning. Currently, the limits of AML are still being explored. 


Active Memory Learning API - Beta

On October 26, clevrML released the Active Memory Learning API for Public Beta. The AML API lets developers build Image and Text Classification Models using Active Memory Learning. 


Athena Pilot Project

On April 15, clevrML announced our Athena API for Private Beta. Athena is a general-purpose text and image classification model that has profound benefits for developers.


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