clevrML Demo

Welcome to the official clevrML demo. The purpose of this demo is to demonstrate the process of building AI models on the clevrML platform.

Image by John Matychuk

In this demo, you will:

  • Build an Image classification model that will be able to recognize images of common things you would see while driving: Stop Signs, Traffic Lights and Bicycles.

  •  Deploy the model automatically

  • Use the model for predictions (i.e: Predict whether an image is a Stop Sign, Traffic Light or a Bicycle)

  • Update the model using the Image Model API

Please Note:

A user interface was made specifically for this demo to bridge any knowledge gaps of programming/ interacting with clevrML APIs. While this user interface isn't officially used on clevrML, it accurately represents using all clevrML APIs.

Resources Before Starting (Optional):

  • Learn more about clevrML's cutting edge AI technology "Active Memory Learning" here 

  • Learn the basics of APIs